Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Palo Alto Eyes Optometry Team of Professionals

Our team of eye care professionals is experienced and friendly. We’re here to help all patients understand their benefits, schedule appointments, and fulfill their eye doctor’s orders. Our practice can give you guidance in picking out your perfect pair of eyewear, and our friendly office staff is knowledgeable about billing and benefits coverage.

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Dr. Thazin (Jayne) Aung

Dr. Thazin (Jayne) Aung was born in Myanmar and moved to Boston with her family when she was ten years old. Her family escaped the cold and settled in the Bay Area and she began high school in Fremont. She later met her husband, a fellow banana slug, at UC Santa Cruz. She continued her graduate studies at the Illinois College of Optometry and graduated with honors in 2014.

Dr. Aung recently married her husband James, and returned to Fremont following graduate school. Dr. Aung is dedicated to serving each patient personally, offering individualized care through patient education as she believes an informed patient is essential for the best management of their eye health.

Dr. Aung has been diagnosing and managing ocular diseases, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and vascular/diabetic retinal diseases. Dr. Aung is most interested in preventative eye care and contact lenses, and is a certified practitioner of Orthokeratology, to help reduce the progression of myopia in young children. She is also skilled in fitting specialty lenses for patients with different corneal conditions such as Keratoconus, irregular astigmatism, and status post penetrating keratoplasty.

Dr. Aung’s nickname is Noodleface as she is always in search of a delicious bowl of spicy noodle soup in the Bay Area. She loves watching football and enjoys hiking. She looks forward to serving you and your family members.

Dr. Sam Lee

Dr. Sam Lee is a California native and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego. His desire to experience the East Coast led him to earn his Doctorate in Optometry from the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Optometry. He pursued additional training and completed his residency at UC Berkeley School of Optometry focusing on primary care, specialty contact lenses, and myopia management.

Dr. Lee's interests are fitting specialty contact lenses such as orthokeratology lenses for myopia management and other rigid gas permeable lenses to help restore clear and comfortable vision for patients with irregular corneas and advanced dry eye. His diverse clinical training allows him to provide comprehensive care for all of his patients.

Dr. Lee also currently works as an Assistant Clinical Professor at UC Berkeley School of Optometry, where he helps teach the next generation of optometrists.

Dr. Lee is a foodie and loves trying new restaurants. He also enjoys running and has completed the New York City Marathon, which was one of the hardest yet most gratifying challenges he has done. He looks forward to meeting you!

Dr. Nina Kligman

Dr. Nina Kligman was born in Moscow, Russia and grew up in Chicago, IL. She graduated from Loyola University of Chicago in 1999 with a Bachelors degree in Biology and a minor in Computer Science. After working in the tech industry for several years, her fascination with visual science brought her to Southern California College of Optometry from where she graduated in 2009. Dr. Kligman is licensed to manage and treat a variety of ocular diseases including glaucoma. As a mother of 2 children, she understands the importance of good vision care for the entire family. Dr. Kligman started working for Palo Alto Eyes Optometry in January, 2019.

In her spare time, Dr. Kligman enjoys spending time with her family, reading and traveling.

Dr. Liandra Jung

Dr. Liandra Jung grew up in Victoria, British Columbia before moving down the West Coast to earn her Doctor of Optometry at Pacific University in Oregon. She completed residency training at UC Berkeley with focus in managing various ocular diseases, fitting specialty contact lenses, and myopia control.

Dr. Jung’s approach to eye care is uniquely patient-focused, to maximize her patients’ visual ability – whether you need to spend 12 hours on the computer per day, or need better vision for your tennis game. She is passionate to provide myopia control treatments to children, to slow the progression of their nearsightedness and reduce their risk for blindness. She offers ortho-keratology treatment, which is a hard contact lens worn at night time, to give clear glasses and contact-free vision during the day. She also fits multifocal soft contact lenses, and prescribes atropine treatment. She loves fitting and designing specialty contact lenses, like scleral lenses, that can restore vision for patients who have corneal disease like keratoconus, ocular surface disorders, and more.

Dr. Jung’s interest in the visual system began with a love for film photography and a darkroom that was in her great-aunt’s home. She is keen about collecting vinyl, going to art museums and the beach.

She also works as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the School of Optometry at UC Berkeley, teaching student doctors, and researching myopia (nearsightedness). She serves as a Technical Consultant to Coopervision, a global leader in contact lens technology.

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